Peiwu LI

Peiwu LI
  • Professor
  • Company: Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Prof Peiwu LI, from Oil Crops Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, is an Adcademician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, the chief scientist, Director General of National Reference Laboratory for Agricultural Testing (Biotoxins), Director of Key Laboratory of Detection for Mycotoxins, and Director of Quality Inspection and Test Center for Oilseed Products. He is also a member of International Society for Mycotoxicology (ISM), expert of Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives and Contaminants, and member of Group Consultants International Rapeseed Congress (GCIRC).

He mainly focuses on inspection and rapid assay for quality and safety of agro-food, risk assessment on natural biotoxins and chemical contaminants, mechanisms of mycotoxin production, prevention and reduction of mycotoxins and contaminants in agro-food. More than 50 national and regional projects have been carried out since 1995. As first and/or corresponding author, he has published 265 papers including SCI 121 papers, and 42 patents were approved by National Intellectual Property Administration, PRC. He obtained 3 national awards, including one National Award for Technological Invention and two National Award for Science and Technology Progress. He was elected as Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering in 2019.

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