Michelangelo Pascale

Michelangelo Pascale
  • Director of Research
  • Company: ISPA-CNR, Italy

Graduated in Chemistry with honours at the University of Bari (Italy). Director of Research at the Institute of Sciences of Food Production (ISPA) of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR). Leader of Work package 6 – Remediation of the MYCOKEY project. His main research interests are in toxigenicity of fungi, effect of fungicides on cereal diseases and mycotoxin accumulation, effect of food processing on mycotoxins, effect of industrial-scale cleaning equipment on mycotoxin content, development and validation of analytical methods for mycotoxins in food, feed and biological fluids. At present is engaged in the development and validation of rapid analytical methods, based on immunoassays, aptamers, e-nose, infrared spectroscopy, for the detection of mycotoxins in foodstuffs and feedstuffs. Author/co-author of over 160 papers in peer reviewed journals and 220 contributions in national and international Conferences/Symposiums.

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