Jean Lou Dorne

Jean Lou Dorne
  • Scientific Officer - Toxicologist
  • Company: European Food Safety Authority- Scientific Committee

Employment History and Qualifications

 01/2011-current Senior Scientific Officer- Toxicologist- Parma (Italy) European Food Safety Authority- Scientific Committee and Emerging Risks Unit

2016-2020 Senior Lecturer in Life sciences-University of Birmingham

2015-2016-Visiting professor University of Thessaly

2016-Visiting professor University of Bretagne

Chairman of the Molecular Toxicology Committee of EUROTOX 2011-2015

12/2006-current Senior Scientific Officer- Toxicologist- Parma (Italy) European Food Safety Authority-Unit on Contaminants in the food chain

Visiting Reader-University of Surrey

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

MSc Toxicology course and MSc Toxicology (modular course) accredited by the Royal College of Pathologists.

Visiting Senior Research Fellow-University of Southampton

Institute of Human Nutrition-School of Medicine

10/2004-11/2006       Postdoctoral fellowship-University of Southampton (UK)

NO MIRACLE: Novel Methods for Integrated Risk Assessment of Cumulative Stressors in Europe (Integrated European project-39 partners, 17 countries)

“Uncertainty factors for pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic inter-individual and interspecies differences during exposure to chemical mixtures handled by polymorphic enzymes” (Principal investigator, Member of the management board and delegate to the coordinator).

Visiting lecturer at the University of Surrey (MSc toxicology).

11/2002/10/2004      Postdoctoral fellowship-University of Southampton (UK)

“Prediction of uncertainty factors for risk assessment using Monte Carlo models for compounds eliminated via several routes of metabolism in healthy adults, children, infants and neonates”(Principal investigator- Health Canada grant).

Visiting Lecturer at the University of Surrey (MSc toxicology).

5-10/2002          Welcome Trust Postdoctoral fellowship-University of Surrey (UK)

“Pharmacological modulation of apoptosis in oligodendrocytes.

Young Scientist Award-EUROTOX 2002 (Budapest)

6/2001-4/2002  Postdoctoral fellowship-University of Southampton (UK)

“Influence of sample size on the estimation of human variability in kinetics and the derivation of pathway–related uncertainty factors and the use of Monte Carlo modelling in risk assessment” (Principal investigator- Health Canada grant).

1998-2001                   PhD- University of Southampton (UK)         “Human kinetic variability in the major metabolic routes –

Application to chemical risk assessment”(funded by the department of Health and Health and Safety Excecutives)

1996-1997          E.P.H.E course “The use of in vitro culture in pharmaco-toxicololgy ”

DEA (French MPhil) – Museum National d’Histoire Naturelle (Paris, France)“Biological activities of natural substances- Cellular communication and molecular recognition” MNHN course “Venomous animals and their toxins.”

1994-1995          MSc Toxicology-University of Surrey (UK) CRA Diploma

1993-1994                   E.P.H.E, Paris (Sorbonne)-Faculte des sciences de Lyon (France)

1992-1993          BSc (Hons) Biochemistry/Pharmacology, 2/1-University of Coventry (UK)

1990-1992                   DUT Agronomie -Universite Lyon I (France)

1988-1990          Baccalaureat Biochemistry (distinction)- Lycee Jean Baptiste de la Salle- Lyon (France)


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