Isabelle Oswald

Isabelle Oswald
  • Head of research
  • Company: INRA Research Center - France

Dr. Isabelle Oswald is the head of the INRA Research Center in Food Toxicology, Toxalim in Toulouse, France. In this Research Center she also leads a team focussed on mycotoxins withtwo main goals (1) to characterize the production of secondary metabolites by fungal species (2) to determine the toxic effects of mycotoxins using pig as a model and a target species.

Dr. Oswald has more than 200 international publications. She is an expert for EFSA, the European Food Safety agency and ANSES, for the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety. She is among top 1% highly cited researcher in the Web of Science and received in 2018 a Lifetime Achievement Award from INRA her expertise in mycotoxin.

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