Giuseppe Meca

Giuseppe Meca
  • Associate Professor
  • Company: University of Valencia

Giuseppe Meca (male), is Associate Professor of Food Science, at the University of Valencia, Department of Preventive Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy. He got the Master’s degree in Food Technology at the University of Naples “Federico II”. He has a PhD in Food and Health at the Second University of Naples, and also he has another PhD in Food Technology at the University of Valencia, where he started the research activity related to the mitigation technologies for the mycotoxin control in food and feed. His formation in this research topic was completed with a fellowship at the Agriculture and Agrifood Canada, where he started the knowledge of the enzymatically and biological techniques for the reduction of the mycotoxins in cereals and derivate products.

He is also a specialist in the analytical techniques for the analysis of the mycotoxins in food and feed using principally the LC-MS/MS. From five years ago his research activity is based on the development of innovative natural solution for the reduction of the mycotoxigenic fungal growth in food and feed. He is author of more than 90 papers published in journals of high impact factors (JCR), and participated to more than 70 congresses at national and international level. He was Principal Investigator in more than 10 projects, some of international relevance. He was also the author of several book chapters related with mycotoxins and mycotoxigenic fungi. He is also the director of the Master Programme in Agrifood Biotechnology of the University of Valencia.

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