Antonio Logrieco

Antonio Logrieco
  • Director
  • Company: CNR-ISPA

Birth day: 21.01 1958
Affiliation: National Research Council of Italy, Institute of Sciences of Food Production, (CNR-ISPA),
Address: Via Amendola 122/O Bari 70126 Italy
Tel. + 39 0805929357 ; Cell. +39 366 9268816,
Email: antonio.logrieco@ispa.cnr.it

Education & work experience:
Dr. Antonio F. Logrieco,  Director of CNR-ISPA (http://www.ispacnr.it/). Scientific responsible and  coordinator of various national and international projects dealing on Plant pathology and food safety, with particular attention on mycotoxin problem including MycoKey; “Integrated and innovative key action for mycotoxin management in the food and feed chain) –MycoKey Horizon 2020 (http://www.mycokey.eu/ ) .
He is former Past-President of  International Society for Mycotoxicology (http://www.mycotox-society.org) and acting President of Mediterranean Phytopathological Union (http://www.mpunion.eu/) . He was President of ISPP “Fusarium Committee”.
Elected as member of Hungarian Academy of Sciences and nominated as Distinguished International Supervisor of  Institute of Food Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Honorary instructor of annually Fusarium training workshop at Kansas State University, USA.

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