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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

after the successful MycoKey events organized in Ghent, Belgium (2017 ) and Wuhan, Cina (2018), we are pleased to announce the MycoKey-2020 International Conference entitled: “Integrated and innovative key actions for mycotoxin management in the food and feed chain” to be held in Bari, Italy from 19 to 22 October, 2020.

This international Conference will be organized together with the 2nd International Forum on Mycotoxins in Animal Production and the participation of MyToolBox project under the umbrella of the International Society for Mycotoxicology (ISM).

During the conference, experts and international scientists will present the latest knowledge and researches on mycotoxin management, including the outcomes of the four years EU projects, with special focus on Europe-China dialogue.

The conference, aims to be a very important and strategic appointment for all the scientific communities, industries/companies and stakeholders, that operate in the field of the food safety, and it is based on a cross -disciplinary approach, required by the deep evolution of the whole agrifood sector. The programme of the Conference will be strongly oriented towards integrated strategies for mycotoxin minimization worldwide including topics on advances in applied research in food chain , and topics focusing on industrial and networking actions.

We look forward to welcome you in Bari, a Mediterranean bridge to the East located in the charming Apulia region. It is located on the Adriatic Sea and boasts great architecture, stunning churches, a nice seaside promenade and a very interesting historic center with narrow, winding streets and a castle on one side.

Sincerely yours,

On behalf of the organizing committee



 Antonio F. Logrieco




 Feng Jie


Conference Topics

  • Plenary sessions

    MycoKey International Conference
    Dialogue EU-China
    Global Impact of Mycotoxins
    MycoKey facts&figures
    MyToolBox facts&figures

    2nd Forum Mycotoxins in Animal Productions
    Mycotoxin Effects on Animal Production

  • Parallel sessions

    MycoKey International Conference
    S1 – Biodiversity & Toxigenic Fungi Monitoring
    S2 – Human Health & Toxicology
    S3 – Food an feed Remediation, Intervention & Processing
    S4 – Challenges in Mycotoxin Analysis
    S5 – Prevention in the Field
    S6 – Modelling & ICT Solutions
    S7 – Functional Genomics of Toxigenics Fungi

    2nd Forum Mycotoxins in Animal Productions
    IFMAP1 –
    Mycotoxin Control in Animal Feed
    IFMAP2 – Animal Health & Toxicology